Talentsoft annonce l'intégration de Microsoft data connect au Club Talentsfoft
talentsoft | 05 JUIN 2019

Barcelone, le 5 juin 2019 – Talentsoft, leader européen des applications Cloud de formation et de gestion des talents, annonce aujourd’hui l’intégration de Microsoft Graph data connect à son application. L’analyse des données qui en découle permet aux organisations d’offrir de nouvelles opportunités pour leurs collaborateurs et créer des équipes plus efficaces et productives.
Today, the ability to collaborate, adapt and learn is what makes organization successful, in addition to technology. Organizations must help each of their employees develop individually, to maximize their impact and push business forward. By working smoothly and intelligently together, organizations can foster the creation of great teams and generate value for employees.
Managers, HR and employees often lack information on how people work together. Beyond what functional or hierarchical org charts say, companies struggle to identify who really works with whom, and who works well with whom. When they do identify such collaborations within their teams, they don’t necessarily know who they could collaborate with in other departments. Integrating Microsoft Graph data connect to Talentsoft will help managers and HR employees identify and facilitate the way people connect with one another.

Microsoft Graph data connect integration

Talentsoft is working to integrate Microsoft Graph data connect - the new tool that helps build a new class of insight-powered applications, using at-scale datasets - with its solution.
Part of Talentsoft’s dedicated program aiming to better integrate Microsoft’s technology, the integration of Microsoft Graph data connect with Talentsoft aims to enrich the application with the rich data available in Office 365. This will enable HR and managers to better know people skills and interactions with one another, to build more effective and productive teams, and rethink the company’s organization.

Talentsoft Match – the new edge of skills management

Combined with the employee data HR already collected – skills, goals, achievements, career plans, etc. – the data coming from Office 365 will help predict the best teammates for a defined project.
With Talentsoft Match technology, managers have an augmented view of their employees so they can easily staff a project with the best employees and build better productive teams. They just have to indicate the required skills and the system suggests a team to successfully complete this project.
Today, data can be a powerful accelerator that drives new ways of working and cultural change across the organization. Thanks to Microsoft Graph data connect integration in Talentsoft, users can now analyze all the data collected much faster and easier, helping both organizations and employees in better understanding how they work and which are the actions they can take to improve. 

Organizations can also more effectively build teams by mapping skills sets and roles that enable more efficiency and better opportunities for collaboration and teamwork. Finally, the solution provides organizations with greater control over their data --in a secure and flexible way-- that enables managers to analyze the most effective work patterns and promote staffing and efficiency improvements throughout their organization.
Through this project, Talentsoft can transform the way organizations deal with HR and talent management. Combining AI machine learning and data from Microsoft Graph data connect will allow HR and managers to build more efficient teams. It's 100% empowerment tool for both organization and its employees. We believe this technology from Microsoft will foster collaboration, help discovering new talents and support brands” explains Alexandre Pachulski, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Talentsoft.
Talentsoft is one of the first European vendors to leverage Microsoft Graph data connect. With this technology, we aim to help our partners and customers create a new class of insight-powered applications using at-scale datasets” explains Ben Summers, Senior Product Marketing Manager Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft.
About Talentsoft 
Talentsoft is the European leader in cloud-based talent management and learning software. The company serves 2,000 clients and 10 million users across the world, and in 27 languages. Its digital platform fosters interactions and transforms employees’ work experience. Talentsoft offers a unique combination of core HR and ready-to-use HR analytics dashboards, and fully leverages the synergies between competency management, career paths, and learning opportunities. The application covers core HR and the entire talent management cycle: recruiting, onboarding, performance, talent review, competencies development, learning and compensation.

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